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Case Study

No Picture Label

When someone visit the company’s laboratory or production facilities, this label is pasted on his mobile phone camera to protect any leak of your valuable data by any illegal photo.

  • - Application : Production facility, Laboratory, Military, All places possible to leak the important data by illegal photo(Sealed at the gate)
No Picture Label No Picture Label

PC Sealing

It’s for information security by sealing on the PC and USB, Carried Notebook etc..
This label is using at the company, Laboratory, Public Institutes, Military etc widely.

  • - Application : PC, USB, Notebook sealing
PC Sealing  

Important Envelop Sealing

It’s possible to check its open or not and protect valuable documents by envelop sealing

  • - Application : Security documents sealing, Valuable item sealing.
-	Important Envelop Sealing  

No Open Label(Warranty Label)

It makes reduce package open and damage by printing as “OPEN NOTICE : No turning back after open” at the label. It also makes reduce customer’s turning back due to their change of mind.
Furthermore, customers think it’s new products by checking its sealing status and it’ll make a customer satisfaction increase.

No Open Label(Warranty Label) No Open Label(Warranty Label)