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Is it impossible to copy hologram absolutely?
It’s impossible to copy by scanner, copier or normal printing method.
Even if counterfeiter has all holographic system, it’s impossible to make 100% same hologram without original data. And if you upgrade security level of hologram master, illegal copy is more difficult. Furthermore, it’s possible to check its genuineness by adding invisible security features in the hologram for the second time.
Why it needs to make holographic master(origination)?
It’s important to make custom master with logo, brand, company name etc for security. There are many holograms without master in the market. If you don’t make your own master, hologram don’t have any security and copied easily.
What’s the reason the difference of Master(origination) fee?
Origination fee is different depending on the kind of hologram(Classic, Dot Matrix, Combination, Kinemax, E-beam), Security level, Size etc.
SECUTECH suggest best solution according to your situation with competitive price.
It’s possible to receive the master after finishing its production?
Master(Origination) fee is for giving permanent use(not for sale).
If you want to buy master, there is an additional charge.
How we can prepare the holographic design?
It’s not easy to prepare by client because hologram is totally different with normal printing. Just give design sources only (like Company logo, Brand, Symbol etc) you want to make hologram, then our long experienced designer will make and suggest the attractive holographic design in 2days.
What information needs to know for calculating quotation?
Basically, we need Size and Quantity to calculate the price.
By the way, the price will be different due to additional options like Sequential Number, VOID function, Roll type, Over Printing etc.
So it needs to have a meeting and communicate with holographic specialist directly for calculating the exact quotation
Is it expensive to make hologram comparing with normal printing?
You feels it’s expensive first time due to master(origination) fee.
But it’s possible to make a master with competitive price now.
And if you consider its security, quality visual appearance, hologram price is not expensive.
What’s the difference with Roll and Sheet?
Roll type is for high speed sticking work by automatic labeling machine.
Sheet type is for manual work by hand.
If you don’t have an automatic labeling machine system, it needs to order sheet type.
What’s the SECUTECH strong points and difference with other security label companies?
1. Competitive Price : We supply security labels with competitive price.
2. Best Quality : We promise to supply best quality label always.
3. Prompt Customer Service : We promise prompt customer service(Delivery, A/S)
4. Various Solutions : We suggest various and suitable solutions for client’s choice.
5. Latest Security Technology : We suggest the latest security technology to client.