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Order Process

Hologram needs custom master and more complicated process different with normal printing. So it’ll take 14-20days to produce the finished hologram at first order. From second order, 7-10days will be enough to produce.

1. 디자인 작업 Design artwork (1-2일) Long experienced holographic designer suggest a brilliant artwork to you with your company logo, brand, symbol etc.
2. 원판제작 Mastering (5-7일) It needs 5 processing steps from laser shooting to electroforming Nickel plate for mass production of customized hologram.
3. 엠보싱 Embossing (2일) Holographic image is engraved on aluminum metalized film by customized hologram master.
4. 점착, 접착 Adhesiving (2일) Make a glue and adhesive coating at the back side of the embossed hologram film.
5. 재단 및 후가공 Cutting and Additional Processing (2-4일) Cut the film as customized label size, or slit and make sheet or roll. According to client request, we’ll print a serial number, code, normal printing etc.
6. 검수 및 포장(1일) Check the final image quality, printing quality, quantity etc and pack them by carton for delivery.