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Serial Number Hologram

It’s possible to print continuous serial number on the hologram.
10mm*10mm : Max 8digits serial number(00000001)
15mm*15mm : Max 9digits serial number(000000001)

  • - Laser Numbering : Each number is engraved by laser on each hologram and it’s impossible to remove this number.
  • - Print protection coating : Protect to remove number on the hologram by additional protection coating.
  • - Random Numbering : Possible to print Random number(But Random number data should be provided by client)
  • - Code Print : Possible to print Code, Alphabet with serial number.
일렬번호 홀로그램 일렬번호 홀로그램
일렬번호 홀로그램 일렬번호 홀로그램