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SMP Label

SMP Label created by Shape Memory Polymer technology is easy to check its genuineness by simple way. This special material has an invisible 3D embossed data inside. It’s completely new security device and PCT patented. No one can’t copy illegally!

Before Activation + After Activation


절대 위조 불가 : 세계 최초로 개발된 신기술로 절대 복제할 수 없습니다 + 국제특허 : PCT국제 특허제품으로 독점적으로 공급됩니다. + 간편한 정품 확인 : 간편한 방식으로 쉽게 정품확인이 가능합니다.

How to check its genuineness?

To show the hidden 3D image in SMP label, just apply over 65degree heat to SMP label surface by hot water, hot steam, hairdryer, lighter, microwave oven etc.
If SMP label was heated by 65degree, covert 3D image will be appeared.
And this appeared 3D image can’t be removed (irreversible) by any method.


Covert 3D Data

It’s possible to make this hidden 3D image with your Company name, Brand, Logo etc and this customized label will protect your brand as more powerful security devices

활성화 전 활성화 후

Soft translucent SMP film

SMP label is white and hard base, but this material is translucent and soft base for applying to subsidiary material of clothes, shoes etc.

  • Application : Label Tag, Care Label, Brand Protection
활성화 전 활성화 후
소프트 반투명 SMP 필름